Thursday, May 7, 2009

Savannah and Josh

My name is Savannah and my husband is Josh. We were married in the Jordan River Temple 8 years ago. I went on birth control to appease our mothers (since they thought I was too young at 18 to even marry!). I only stayed on that for about a year, but went off it because it made me sick. We did the "rubbers" protection for about another 6 months. After that we decided that we were sick of the preventions. Are theory was "we aren't trying to get pregnant, but we aren't doing anything to prevent it either. If it happens great, if not, no pressure because we're not sure if we are ready or not."

Finally in 2005 we decided we were finally ready to be parents. Really all that we changed was that we started to pray to become parents. I have never know such great heartache! That is when we started to get medical help. In short let me say my doctor SUCKED! He was close to retirment and just didn't care. But a friend convinced me to have Josh tested (we did this to celebrate our 6th anniversary!). Before we got the results back we knew we needed to adopt. That is probably because his count was ZERO. On a side note, he is actually going back to the doctor this month for more testing.

We took our time doing the paperwork with LDSFS and were finally approved to adopt in January 2008. No news to report because no one has looked at us. We are also online with Parent Profiles (did you know they will give you a huge discount if you are with LDSFS?).

I love to talk and I think this blog is a great idea. I am actually fighting my infertility again right now. I go through phases were I am okay, but I am feeling extra pressure right now and I am grateful for groups like this where I don't feel alone. I have a private infertility blog that I am willing to share with others who fight infertility. If you want an invite please email me at sourbonk [at] yahoo [dot] com.


Marie-Baguette said...

Even if your husband has azoospermia, you still might be able to get pregnant. Look into TESE/MESA and IVF_ICSI. Good luck!

Countless Tomorrows said...

Actually we decided just last night that we don't want to pursue further treatment. Thinking about it sends me into a state of panic. Last night we decided to just continue on our adoption journey. I know for some they would do all they coudl to become pregnant, but that doesn't feel right for our family. Since we decided to cancel his doctor appt. I have felt a peace that I haven't felt in months. Thanks for the advice though, if we ever change our minds we will look into it.