Thursday, May 7, 2009

One of those nights

It was one of those night that I couldn't fall asleep. I can't stop thinking about a baby. It is hard having a nursery all set up and just sitting there. Am I the only one that goes in there and stares at all their baby stuff and daydreams about what might never be?

In the process to do foster care again I am constantly thinking about our youngest foster son. His 3rd birthday is coming up. Why is it that they advertise the desperate need to foster parents and then they drag their feet about it? Wednesday I found out that our licenser still hasn't sent out the stuff to our references to do their letters. It has been 4 weeks since our background checks went out and probably 6 weeks since our licenser should have sent out for the letters. I'm trying not to complain, I'm just anxious to see what's in store for us.

Has anyone had outrageous things said to them about not having kids/ being infertile? Come on, I wanna hear them! I have tons of stories so I will have to post them sometime.

Well, I am no expert when it comes to creating word art, but I took a whack at it and made this.

This is how I feel and also a song that I love. If you have not heard it, then you need to! Wonderful, amazing song about infertility by Kellie Coffey, I Would Die For That.

- Savannah shared:
We had a nursery set up, well to a point at least. We started off with a bassinet, high chair and swing. When we decided to adopt we celebrated by buying the above items and went ahead and set them up.

We have added to the nursery since then. When we were finally approved to adopt I bought two John Deere blanket sets, one in green and one in pink. I also have another farm bedding set that I am in love with. I have also bought a rocking chair and several toys. Now I have my eye on a jumperoo I am saving my money for.
This room has been set up for 15 months. I would go in there and hold the blanket and listen to the music on the swing and cry. But last month I had enough. I couldn't take it anymore. I packed it all up and stuffed it in the closet. I couldn't take the reminders anymore. Sometimes I think about getting the stuff back out, but it just doesn't seem worth it anymore.

(thanks for sharing! Glad to know I'm not the only one who holds the blankets and cries!)

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Countless Tomorrows said...

I love that song and I think your art work is great. I have one that I will email to you to post on this blog. I didn't make it, but I love it.