Sunday, July 7, 2013

To comes down to Respect...

Sorry I’ve been neglecting this blog. I’ve been working 60+ hours a week, plus with 2 little ones my life is just CRAZY busy!

Now, I don’t regret having either of our open adoptions, however adoption #2 has been drastically different from #1.

Our first one, Emma’s birth mom, Sam, had nothing but full respect for us and our role as Emma’s mom and dad. She and I became actual friends, not just adoptive mom and birth mom. She LOVES being birth mom. She enjoys seeing her daughter, but never tries to parent her or critic our parenting.

Braxdon’s has been the polar opposite! Kim always says, “Thanks so much for raising my son!” (In her eyes) we are just raising him, but he is still hers! Anytime she is around she parents! We are not friends, unfortunately. I’d love to be friends with her, but she is not personal or close with me. When she is around she only cares about Braxdon and when I talk to her, she just tunes me out. It’s especially frustrating when I feel she is judging me as a parent. The day before her last visit Brax had a horrible diaper rash. I gave him a bath, rubbed his bum with a bar of soap, than after his bath slathered it in cream. The next morning it was almost gone, I was rather happy about it. Then.... that night when his birth mom saw the hint of a diaper rash she acted annoyed that I had ignored such a thing. His birth family still uses his birth name too. Not sure how to deal with that either.

It is sad to say- Sam respects us and our role as Mom and Dad. Kim does not and it has been SO hard to have a relationship with her.

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Mrs. Lost said...

I'm so sorry you have to deal with that. You sound like an amazing mom! Keep your head up.