Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Visit

We have had our first post adoption visit with Braxdon’s birth parents. It was a first for us to be dealing with both birth parents. Emma’s biological father has never been a part of her life. We hope that Brax’s bio dad (we’ll call him Brennan) stays in his life, as long with bio mom, Kim.

For months my husband has envisioned how he wanted to tell Kim and Brennan that we have changed Braxdon’s name. How my husband pictured it: have Kim and Brennan come over to our house and sit and talk and tell them. How did it happen? Exactly as my husband had hoped! Kim had been texting and calling me for a few days wanting a visit. Things kept coming up until we finally had it set for Friday afternoon/ evening. Then I got a little surprise when she texted me asking if Brennan could come too! We invited them over for dinner... Funny fact: I am not huge on cooking and baking. I do enjoy it occasionally, but work best if something is planned. I had NO plans for dinner and Kim said they would be over in 10 minutes. I ran around the kitchen and finally settled on spaghetti and garlic bread. It turned out good for my lack of preparation!

Kim and Brennan got there while I was cooking. My husband showed them Brax’s room and then they all sat on the couch and talked until dinner was ready. We eat and talked. My husband was so nervous about telling them that he couldn’t even eat! We went back into the living room to sit and talk some more. My husband has this amazing way of talking to people and a great job explain how hard it was for us to tell them, why, and how “Clyde” would always be a part of who he is. Kim cried. I cried. In the 9 years we’ve been married I’ve seen my husband cry maybe 3 times and last night was almost number 4. It literally broke our hearts to tell Kim and hurt her like that. But we got through it and in the end, she took it pretty well. When I say she cried, it was just a few tears and it wasn’t like she was extremely upset. My husband flat out told her he doesn’t care if she still calls him Clyde. I told her about how at our Christmas visit Emma was calling him Braxdon the whole time and no one caught on! His aunt and uncle that knew we were changing his name to Braxdon heard it and would look at me and laugh!

All in all it was a good first visit.


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LesA said...

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