Thursday, July 19, 2012

Oh medication, I really don't like you!

16 months ago “Doctor Midwife” told me, “You’ll like this medication more (then Provera). You’ll feel better on and it works the same.” Even though I knew I liked Provera, I was willing to give it a shot, anything to make my cycle stop!

It is 3 AM, I am sitting on my couch and I tell you what, if stabbing myself in the stomach (uterus) will finally get me a hysterectomy, I will DO it! Uggg. I HATE this medication. I am moody, I have had cramps every waking second for the past 9 days! That’s 12,960 minutes straight of horrible, nauseating pain! I take day 10 of 10 tomorrow and just pray it will finally kick in and stop my cycle instead of making it worse!

What medications do you like and what works for you?

I LOVE Prometrium and Provera. This Progesterone is the worst one I’ve had, even worse than Birth Control. BC doesn’t work for me, I will start bleeding mid-cycle and is takes Prometrium or Provera to stop it.

I’m only 27 years old, and every doctor in this town thinks I’m too young and shouldn’t give up hope of having a child of my own. Maybe if they experiences periods that lasted months or the stabbing cramps that last for over 216 hours, they would understand why I have begged each of them to do a hysterectomy!

April asked, when did I post about Sam being pregnant… I thought I mentioned it in a post, but maybe I didn’t. FYI she is, for reals. She wanted to prove it to me so I watched her open a pregnancy test, pee on it (She insisted, I didn’t really want to) and watched it turn positive. I flat out told her, I didn’t believe her. I don’t know how far along she is, she’s due in February. She plans on raising this baby. I am trying to be supportive, but I don’t really have faith she can do it!

“Clyde” is our last foster child. Part of my wants more kids, but when Clyde spends all day crying for no reason, I remind myself, I’m DONE. Once Sam knows the sex of her baby, I’m getting rid of all of our baby stuff for the opposite sex. Like if she’s having a girl, I’m getting rid of all our boy stuff. Why? Just in case we end up with her baby. If we lived in the same state I would be 99% sure we would get it, but, she now lives in a different state so that changes things! It's even harder when her own family tells me they want us to adopt this baby because she can't do it but thinks she can!

Anyone out there know HOW to convince a doctor to do a hysterectomy?? I'm dying here!


Allison said...

I had the same struggle you're having with bleeding. I have PCOS and my cycles were very long, very heavy (I'd have to wear 3/4 pads at a time) and it was wearing me out. My doctor did an endometrial ablation. Now, it burned off the inside of my uterus so nothing else would grow back. I've not had a period in almost 4 years. I can never attempt pregnancy because there's nothing for the baby to attach to; however, I was infertile to the point where after years of trying and losses it wasn't an option I was considering anymore. Since I still have everything I didn't go directly to menopause (I was allowed to collect my $ but I'm starting early menopause now (I'm 36). I honestly wish I had done the surgery sooner. The freedom I have from not having to endure that torture anymore is amazing!!!

I wish you luck.

frostedflakes said...

You might want to try seeing Dr. Bryan Watabe
1159 E 200 N #250 American Fork, UT 84003
(801) 855-2980

When I was having severe pain from a ruptured cyst, I went to several doctors who told me to just suck it up because all women get cysts and it should take care of it self in a few cycles. He was the only doctor who took me seriously. He operated on me and the operation went very well. Good luck!