Sunday, June 3, 2012


I have been majorly slacking on blogging lately! I was going to blog about how much I loved the Utah Adoption Conference and post about things I learned. Little did I know we would be called with a placement on our way home! It seems with 2 kids 2 and under, running a business at home and attempting to write a book, I just do NOT have to blog!

Last week at church my husband and I were asked, “What is adoption?” We teach the 4 year olds and the lesson was on how God answers our prayers for what is best for us…. Yes, all the lessons seem a little too deep for 4 year olds! We read through the manual and explained the best we could. Told a story in the manual about a prayer that was answered and one that wasn’t and why it wasn’t. Then my husband told them about it took us 6 years to get Emma and how she was adopted. Then someone asked, “What is adoption?” My husband is great to situations like this. He told them that sometimes a mommy can’t take care of her baby and she asks other people to take care of her baby for her. Remember, they are 4. One of the sweet little girls got a sad look on her face and asked, “But why would a mommy NOT want her baby!” I told her that the mommy still loves her baby very much, but sometimes the mommy has no money or no place to live and she can’t take care of the baby, but she still loves it. The kids seemed content with our answers. Not going to lie, we didn’t see it coming and kind of struggled with what to say and how to explain it.

How is our case going? Well, it’s going. It might go to adoption, it might go to reunification, Who knows! Time will tell. I just wish I could speed up time by a few months!

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Fatcat said...

It sounds like you did a good job.

Have you heard about a link between gluten intolerance and infertility?