Saturday, March 24, 2012

Here we go again!!!!

Well, Chandler left 2 weeks ago. Long story. It wasn’t us saying no we don’t want him as a placement. It was complicated. When we were called about him, Brad and I both had a feel we should say no. But, we had NO reason to really say no to him. We thought a LOT about it. We debated. And ultimately, we did say yes. After a few days it was apparent that he just didn’t fit in with our family. Not that he was a bad kid. It was mainly the age difference between him and Emma, coupled with his “issues” so I don’t go into any details just was HARD! He and Emma fought every waking second. If we knew he wasn’t staying forever we could do it, but they wanted him in a home that would adopt him. For us, it was out of the question….

Before now the closest we have had placements back to back is 3 months! So I was rather shocked getting a call after 2 weeks! I got all the info from our RFC. I talked to Brad and he said yes. Which is odd, because I was thinking NO! That was a first!!! We talked, we debated, we went back and forth. Remember how it was with Chandler? We don’t want another case that we wouldn’t be willing to adopt if it came to it. I called our RFC and told him no. He understood and asked if we would consider taking her until they found a foster family for her. Sure!!!! LOL, yep went from a no to sure in a split second.

So, #7 is coming! Ha ha ha, I just realized our pattern continues! Boy, boy, girl, girl, boy, boy, girl….

What happens if we get her and feel that she is a good fit for our family, we will tell DCSF that we would like to keep her as a foster placement. If not, we have her in “Shelter care” until they do find a foster family. Not meaning it is going to adoption, it is still foster care and anything can happen! I am excited and nervous. I am nervous it is going to be like with Chandler. But, what if it’s the opposite?

Emma has been asking for a little sister! Emma calls her “Dora” so Dora she will be!!!!

I realized I never updated about this placement! When it came down to it, DCFS decided not to remove Dora from her home. Instead they are continuing to work with Dora's parents to see if they can resolve the issues without removing the children from the home.

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