Friday, September 23, 2011

Foster Care Friday: Calls

We got a call the other day about a foster child. After hanging up and talking with Brad, I realized something. We get 2 different kind of calls from DCFS.
1 is: We have a placement for you
2: We are going to have a placement we were wondering if you'r interested in

They sound the same, but are really different. For example #1 (like with Emma) "We have a baby girl that is getting removed and we want to know if you're interested."

#2 "We are in the process of removing this child and we're just looking for families that might be intested."

How is this different. With #1, you say yes, you want to take the child and you get them. That is how Ben, Isaac, Madison and Emma was, and also Joey. With #2, they have not yet removed the child and if you say yes, you are on their list, but they are also looking at other families to see how would be best for the child.

We have gotten #2 calls probably 4 or 5 times and we have never once gotten one of those children. It's a different kind of emotional roller coaster. #1, it's crazy because it's out of the blue, "FYI you'll have a new kid at your house in an hour!". #2, you are waiting and waiting for the phone to ring. Do you get ready or not? Is it going to be hard taking down all the baby clothes you got out when you find out you aren't getting it placement? But what if they do call and your getting the child, then it's a mad scramble to get ready! Ahh, it's fun doing foster care!

Update: 3 days later I was 99% sure it wasn't going to happen. But then I saw our RFC at a meeting and asked her, they still haven't been removed and she hasn't found anyone else, so who knows!!

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