Saturday, April 23, 2011

I (heart) Adoption

Brad, my mom and I took Emma to meet the Easter Bunny today. She didn't mind Santa, she didn't love him but didn't cry. The past 2 days she has cried upon seeing the baby turkey I got for Easter and whenever she see's my parents turtle. Brad and I were both predicting tears! I waited in line with Em while my mom returned clothes for Emma that were too big and I sent Brad off to get Emma some water in her sippy cup.

As I waited I overheard some guys that were next to me in line talking. Guy 1 to Guy 2, "Do you just have these 2 girls, or do you have any other kids?" Guy 2, "We just have these two. They are actually adopted." Okay, I'm way interested in their conversation now. Guy 1, "When are you telling them they're adopted? You know some parents don't tell the kids." This was all in front of the girls who looked like 6 and 3 or 4ish. Guy 2, "We've always told them! They know they were adopted and that we choice them and wanted me very much." A minute or so later guy 2, "We got them through Child Haven." That is Nevada's foster care system. I just had to pipe up now. Me to Guy 2, "How old where they when you got them?" I can't remember if he said 2 weeks and 1 month or 1 week and 2 months. I then told him, "We adopted her through foster care too!" He said it took 4 years to finalized their oldest adoption because of problems with the birth parents.

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