Thursday, April 28, 2011

How much did your baby cost?

Anyone ever hear, “If you can’t afford to do all the fertility treatments/ IVF then how can you afford a baby?” (Loved this blog post)

So I decided to do the math (FYI it took a LOT of thinking)
2 doctor’s visits while on insurance: $20 a co-pay
Prometrium while on insurance for 5 months: $15
Prometrium without insurance: $70 (times 6 months)
Clomid: $15 (times 5 months)
2 doctors visits without insurance: $100 (ish, I can’t remember)
Ultrasound, I can’t remember if insurance paid or not so I won’t include it

Vitex: $12
Pegesteron cream: $8

-switched doctors
Doctor’s visits: $70, x 10 visits
Birth control: $30, 7 times
Prometrium: $70, 5 times
Clomid: $9 x 3, $18, $27
Ultrasounds (2) : $200 each
Glucophage: $12
Labs: Too many to count!!!! No joke, probably $1,000 or up to $1,500

Next Dr.
1 visit and ultrasound: $800
Provera: $4
Clomid: $18

Current Dr.
1 visit: $160
Progesterone: $20, 2 months so far
Glucophage: $12

Two trips to the ER because of my PCOS/ extremely heavy bleeding: $1,000 each

An additional $50 (times two) in fees and fingerprinting to do Foster Care

(Rough) Grand Total: $6,500

OUCH!!! I’m sure I missed things too, this is an under estimate!

Unprotected Sex: FREE

(and I’ve totally have had people tell me, Well, My kids delivery was X amount! Oh my, IF I ever get pregnant, I’ll have that too on top of the $6,500 trying to get pregnant costs!)


Gracelyn said...

I just may steal this idea...but I am too scared to add everything up! Keep you posted!

-C- said...

My baby cost $40,000. (years of infertility treatments plus a failed adoption, some in cash, some on credit). Ouch.

Whitney said...

Amen sista! That myth really bothers me too!