Friday, April 1, 2011

Can I have a hysterectomy yet???

Today as I was going into the pharmacy to pick up my progesterone I thought, “I honestly WANT a hysterectomy!” I know, I complain too much about it! My two options are: no medication which will cause bleeding like crazy. Or glucophage which makes me super nauseous 24/7! I don’t like either of those options!!! PCOS, you are the root of all evil!

On the upper side of things: Our computer got fixed up and it’s like a brand new computer! And my daughter is extremely cute (when she’s not throwing a fit!) I am grateful for my daughter and I’m 100% okay with adopting all my kids. I keep thinking, I’m not trying to get pregnant, so why am I putting my body through this??? Cuz, my doctor told me too!?

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Quackenbaby-CQ said...

Agreed! When I bled from October-January (HEAVY) I told my doctor to just let me have a hysterectomy!

I am adopting two girls, and there is NO NEED for a baby in this house!