Sunday, September 12, 2010

Song Sunday: Mama's Lullaby

by Joy Saunders Lundberg

Don’t cry little baby, someday you will see
How much Mama loves you, what you mean to me.
Don’t cry little baby, so perfect and good,
I promise to do for you all that should.

And there will be arms to hold you tight
And soft lips to kiss you and whisper goodnight.
Mama loves you, dear baby, goodnight.

Don’t cry little baby, I’ll sing you my song
To bring you sweet dreams that will last all night long.
Don’t cry little baby, there’s no need to fear,
God’s most caring angels will always be near.

(Repeat Chorus)
Sleep tight, little baby,
You’re safe here with me.

Credits: Lyrics from the Adoption Album Do You Have a Little Love to Share
Produced by Adoption Media
All words and music copyright © 2005 Janice Kapp Perry and Joy Saunders Lundberg

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