Sunday, September 5, 2010

Song Sunday: I Gave You More

by Joy Saunders Lundberg

A voice beyond the world we know, a quiet whisper from above,
Directed me to sacrifice and give you more than just my love.
A father’s and a mother’s care is what you needed, little one;
A home that’s bound by sacred vows, where God directs what should be done.

So I opened wide the door
So I could give you more,
A father’s and a mother’s love,
All that I’d been dreaming of,
A place of peace for you,
Where hopes and dreams come true.
A need my heart could not ignore.
I let you go to give you more.

At times my arms still feel the ache to hold you close and comfort you,
But deep inside I’ve always known I did what God would have me do.
I knew somehow that other arms were chosen by divine decree
To nurture you with tender love and graft you in their family tree.

(Repeat Chorus)

Now as you grow and live your life, please savor each new welcomed day,
Expressing gratitude for all the gifts of love that come your way.
But keep one gift within in your heart, and I will keep within mine, too,
That I, who gave you birth and life, will always love and pray for you.

(Repeat Chorus, then:)
I let you go,
Please always know,
I let you go to give you more.

Credits: Lyrics from the Adoption Album Do You Have a Little Love to Share
Produced by Adoption Media
All words and music copyright © 2005 Janice Kapp Perry and Joy Saunders Lundberg

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