Wednesday, September 1, 2010

On Monday's post I was freaking out a little bit. All my fears has been pushed aside. Everything is going great. Birth mom said she has ultrasound pictures to show me when we visit on Sunday! She said the baby's heartbeat is 165! Yay!

When dealing with Foster Care there are a LOT of hoops you have to jump through. One big one for us is out of state permission. We've had this trip planned for over a month and the whole story behind it. One of my cousin's who I am close too also struggled with infertility. On he and his wife's third round of IVF they conceived twins. I was really close to them when the twins were little, but then I got married and moved out of state. My cousin's wife and I share that special, infertile bond, that I LOVE. Well, about last February my cousin was diagnosed with cancer and it did NOT look good. We held a family fast that he would at least make it to baptize his twins. Well, it's now time for them to be baptized and his doctor is now saying he has about another year left! So I'm Very excited to be going to their baptism and getting to spend time with my cousin.

So, I mentioned to our caseworker weeks ago about our trip, she informs me she will need court permission. I called her last week to check, no answer, left a message. She didn't return my call, my 1 pet peeve with DCFS. I went in yesterday and she wasn't there. I called again today, no answer, left a message and again she didn't return my call! I was getting mad. It's Wednesday, their office is closed Friday leaving me 1 day left... I went in for a second time and she is there. Now I LOVE our caseworker, I really do. I go into her office and she tells me we're good to go and sorry she didn't call me back.

I've been waiting to tell her about baby #2 in person. I told her "Sam is pregnant!" She just looked at me like, holy crap, but didn't say anything. I went on to tell her, She has decided to place the baby for adoption and wants us to have it! Caseworker freaked out (in a good way) You have got to me kidding me! That is SO amazing! We were able to sit and chat for nearly 30 minutes about our case, my relationship with Sam and how amazing, wonderful and all that good stuff this second adoption is! She is so excited for all of us and since our case will be closed long before baby arrives she told me I HAVE to keep her informed as to what's going on! She went on and on about how she is always talking about our case with other foster parents, leaving out our names and such, but telling them how amazing being open with birth parents can be! She told me that our meeting when Sam decided to relinquish she will remember forever because it was the most amazing experience! One thing I am gonna miss when we finalize, our case worker! Seriously! She is THAT Amazing!!! :)

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