Friday, August 13, 2010

The "Infertile" Debate!

So I stumbled across this blog and it got me thinking. At what point are you considered "infertile"? Most people say 1 year, but what if you're not really trying THAT hard. You know what I mean? Having sex every month is JUST trying. I guess my qualification for saying you've struggled is all in the med's! Well, let me take that back... If you've tried to get pregnant and have had test run and you can NOT get pregnant, then you instantly have that title.

Let me complain a little here. I am most definitely "infertile" and I get annoyed then people who have been TTC for 2 months start belly-aching that they are too! I mean, I get beyond annoyed, annoyed to the point I would like to physically punch them!

So I say you get the Infertile label once you start Fertility treatments! Throw in some Clomid, IUI, IVF and all that jazz and you've earned the Infertile Badge! Sorry if I still complain too much, this topic gets me all fired up. But I also say over a year of trying is also qualifying for infertile...

I know everyone's pain is their own pain and I will never know what it feels like to be someone else who it took 3 months and they thought it was the end of the whole. I'm just throwing my opinion out there.


Lauren said...

I agree with you, very much so. But at the same time, we're only just hitting our year mark and have already done three cycles of Clomid. In the middle of the Year of Trying, I had a nice four months of zero menstruation whatsoever, which was kind of a tip-off that something was wrong.

Lechelle said...

I was visiting a friend in July and she told me she thought she might be pregnant because she was late. She was really upset because she wanted to get pregnant in August. August 22nd, her anniversary, to be exact. And yes, she was REALLY upset.

Talk about wanting to punch someone in the face.