Monday, August 2, 2010

Birth Father's Rights

Ever since we got Emma we have worried about the birth father showing up and wanting to get Emma. At her mom's relinquishment they talked about his lack of right in the hearing. She (birth mom) said they were not married and she did not put him on the birth Certificate, so he had nothing. Plus, come to find out he is in jail, just got 5 years and pretty sure they will not just hand her over to a registered sex offender!

I love this explanation I found at The R House,
"Birthfathers do have rights but they must establish and petition for parental rights with a lawyer BEFORE the baby is born. They would need to prove that they have a job and prove that they had a relationship with you in order to obtain any rights to your child. The birthfather in my situation didn't want anyone else to have him but didn't want to raise him or have anything to do with him, but he didn't get his act together and get his paperwork done so when that little guy was born he had missed the window. I was the only one that had rights when he was born so when I relinquished my rights that was the end. " Miss Myra.

Although, each state is different, so make sure to look into your states laws.

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