Thursday, February 18, 2010

How to Tell Family About Infertility

By eHow Contributing Writer

Infertility is a hard thing to have to deal with. Some people decide to keep their struggle with infertility a secret and don't talk to anyone. However, some people decide to talk with others about their struggle in the hopes of getting support. If you decide to tell your family about your struggle with infertility, here's how you should do it.

  • Decide on how much information you want to share with your family. You may decide to discuss specifics about your infertility including treatments you have tried in the past or how long you have been trying to become pregnant. You don't have to share anything that you don't feel comfortable sharing.
  • Talk to your family with someone else. You may not want to talk to your family all by yourself. You can talk to your family about infertility with your spouse, a good friend or even your doctor. Having another person with you will give you additional support.
  • Practice what you'll say when you do talk to your family. This way you won't be as likely to stumble over your words and you will feel more confident going into the conversation.
  • Pick the appropriate time to tell your family about your infertility. It may be wise to pick a time when you are not extremely emotionally charged. Times you may want to avoid are right after a treatment has failed, when you are in the middle of undergoing In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or while you are waiting on a pregnancy test result. Pick a time when you feel most comfortable.
  • Choose the place where you want to tell your family about your infertility. Choose a private place where you won't be afraid to show emotion or where you or your family won't feel awkward. Also, make sure that you have plenty of time to talk and not feel rushed.
  • Give your family advice on how they can support you and on what they can do for you. Tell them if you want them to come with you to doctor's visits, if you want them to call you or if you want to be the one to call them.
  • Set boundaries. You want your family to respect your privacy. There may be a time when you don't feel like talking, and your family needs to know that this is ok. You can even tell your family members not to ask you any questions and that you will be the one to provide them with information.

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