Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How to Choose Herbs for Home Remedies to Treat Female Infertility

By The Armchair Herbalist

Female infertility is a condition as old as humankind. Herbs offer a natural option for home remedies to treat it. Herbal fertility treatment are gentle and non-invasive. Read on to learn how choose herbs for female infertility treatments.

  • Regulate reproductive hormones with chasteberry. This herb activates the production of progesterone, estrogen and testosterone, which are all necessary to conception.
  • Stimulate the ovaries with Black cohosh . Black cohosh is widely used for feminine problems. It has properties that are similar to estrogen and may assist in the stimulation of the ovaries.
  • Use evening primrose oil. Evening primrose oil enhances the quality and quantity of cervical mucous, one of the popular determinators of ovulation.
  • Normalize hormonal levels with maca. This herb regulates womens' hormones and therefore is used as a remedy for infertility. Maca specifically increases the production of lutenizing hormone, which causes ovulation.
  • Take dong quai. Also called the "female ginseng," this herb is used for many gynecological problems. It is said to prepare to the uterus for conception.

  • Keep in mind that herbs can be so powerful in regulating hormones that it is wise to consult a doctor or an expert in herbal medicine before taking herbs that promote fertility.

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