Friday, February 5, 2010

Detecting Red Flags Part 1

This great site to get educated about Adoption Scams-

Listed are areas of concern. They may or may not pertain to every situation, however they are red flags to consider.

Adoption Professionals/Facilitators/Adoption Advertising Co.

  • Requests a large upfront fee and the rest are due upon the completion of an adoption.
  • Has a flashy website with lots of information and does not have information about their staff, physical address or mission statement.
  • Guarantees a placement in X amount of time.
  • Sent you information several weeks ago and you did not receive it, the professional is surprised.
  • Has not returned your phone calls as they have had a personal crisis.
  • Promises you he/she will find you a baby.
  • Sends out regular emails of available situations that need to be matched immediately.
  • States they have no negative reports or references.
  • Has been in business for a year and has successfully placed 100% of the time.
  • Does not seek out their own potential expectant parents but uses others services and stacks fees.
  • Seems to avoid face-to-face contact.
  • Screams and yells at you and states you are the reason potential birth parent(s) has walked away from the match.
  • Does not get proof of pregnancy nor verifies it, and does not get release of medical information prior to a match.
  • Sets you up with a high-risk adoption.
  • Tell you repeatedly to not worry about birth dad and his rights.
  • Relocates the expectant moms they work with.
  • Has expectant mom lie about birth dads where abouts.

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