Friday, January 8, 2010

Welcome back Vitex

I'm trying to blog on here more, we'll see how long that lasts!

As I pulled my bottle of Vitex out of the medicain cabinet I realized it's been 5 years! Hubby and I had been married for 6 months and I finally decided that bleeding every single day that I couldn't get pregnant that way.

Only a month or so after we got married I found a book at the dollar store on infertility. I always had a gut feeling my whole life that I would struggle getting pregnant. I did some research and read about Vitex, a natural herb that helps regulate your body. I decided to give it a shot. It never seemed to work.

A year later I started working at a health food and supplement store. I heard all sorts of things while working there, try this, try that.... I think I tried Vitex again? I don't remember. I am by no means a naturalist/ herbalist, but I have heard of things that actually DO work. I worked there for a year and tried all sorts of things and never got close to pregnant or even a normal cycle.

Months ago my friend asked if I wanted her free samples of birth control? Of course! I'm once again in between doctors and have no medication for my PCOS. It's long story.... Dr. G always prescribed birth control, not my favorite thing and $35 a month, no thanks. Dr. S would only give me 1 month of Provera at a time and want me to come see him every week. Um, did I forget I was made of money? Can't afford the $100 visit a week.... Leaving me with nothing right now.

So over a month ago my insane cycle started. I did like Dr. G always told me, give it 4 days and start the "tapering dose". Around Christmas I had it almost stopped... but then I got cocky and forgot it for 2 days thinking "I'll be fine"! Nope, have NOT been able to get it to stop since! The cramps will not go away either! The crazy high amount of birth control I take makes me sooooo nauseous, it sucks bad!

Today I did more research and decided to give Vitex another shot. Just maybe BC and Vitex will do the trick? LOL, probably not because let's face it, it is my body. Now, I am going to make an appointment with the local Midwife. I started seeing her 5 years ago and she was great, but when it came to fertility I switched to Dr. G. I am gonna go in there and tell her my situation and demand 1 year prescription to Provera. I can't afford this come see ever few months thing. First I need to make an appointment, and she is hard to get into to.

Vitex, please, please work! Work FAST! Between the cramps and the nausea, I just wanna puke! I'm also considering living in the bathtub because it helps with the bleeding and cramps SOOOOO very much!


Elisabeth said...


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John ♥ Ashley said...
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John ♥ Ashley said...

You usually need to be on Vitex for about 3 months before it will really start to work. Not sure how much you are taking, but you need to take it on a regular basis to give it a chance. This worked wonders for my sister-in-law who also would bleed all month long.

Also, have you gone down the whole diet routine? I am currently doing the whole vegan thing, plus no sugar or yeast to naturally regulate my, 'The Infertility Cure'.

Triumph said...

I have PCOS and I now have a beautiful son, after a miscarriage a a few years ago.

I was given the provera, the metformin and the birth control. Those did not work and so I did a laporoscopy to remove the cysts. I became about three years after the surgery but sadly lost it.
What evenutually worked for me was a visit to a hearbalist, where I did accupuncture and was given a tincture and some vitamins and iron for three months. Immediately after I was finished with the course of treatment, I became pregnant.

I know Vitex works, because my friend took it along with red clover and raspberry leaf tea and it regulated her cycle and now she is about to give birth any minute now.

I hope things work out for you soon.