Saturday, September 1, 2012

Today was THE DAY!

It was almost 14 MONTHS ago that I had a dream about meeting Emma’s ½ siblings in person. I contacted their adoptive mom over 8 MONTHS ago. Today we met in person! It’s funny how I went 1 ½ years convinced they wanted nothing to do with us and it was the complete opposite. Why did Samantha tells me they didn’t want contact, didn’t what the kids to know about Emma or want anything to do with us? I may never know. Samantha doesn’t know we are in contact because Ethan and Avery’s parents don’t want contact and if Sam knew, she would hound me for their info.

The truth of the matter is, they wanted contact as much as we did and the kids know Emma is their sister! We met up at the park, which was nice for a first meeting. Emma didn’t interact with them a ton, which is fine, she’s not even 3 and doesn’t get it. It was so nice for us adults to sit down and talk face to face and let the kids meet and get pictures of all of them! Towards the end Emma started playing with Avery, they are so cute together and they all look so much alike!

After all that wait, I don’t really regret not making contact soon. I’m grateful for what we have now and hope it continues like this in the future. If I were to do this again (like say with Clyde) I won’t be so scared to make contact. Either they do or don’t want contact with us, no need to wait almost 2 years to do so!

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