Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Little Man's Adoption Story

The day is fast approaching that we might be having our final visit with Braxdon birth mom.
Today it hit me, I NEED to get stuff done!

Not to long ago my husband told me, "You know, you're going to have to do all the same things for Clyde as you did with Emma?" Yes, Dear, I'm aware of that!
He and his birth mom will have matching blankets, he will have this own Adoption Story and his own Life Box. Today I set a goal to have them done by Monday. I finished 1 of the 2 blankets, I need to buy more material and I started his Adoption Story. So here it is:

My Adoption Story
Once upon a time there was a mommy, a daddy and a little girl (picture of us at Em's sealing)
The family was very happy, but something was missing... they wanted another baby (more recent picture of us before we got him with thought bubble of Braxdon as a newborn)
But unable to have a baby of their own the mommy and daddy were foster parents for other children (Emma with other foster kids we've had)
One day the mommy and daddy were asked to take care of handsome little boy named Braxdon (picture of him on the day we got him)
The family loved Braxdon very very much and wanted to keep him forever (family picture with him)
Braxdon's birth mom Kim also loved him very very much (picture of Kim holding newborn Braxdon)
Kim wanted Braxdon to have the best life possible. She decided she wanted the mommy and the daddy to adopt Braxdon and be his new mommy and daddy forever. (pictures of me and Braxdon and hubby with Braxdon)
The mommy made Kim andBraxdon matching blankets to remind Braxdon how much Kim loves him (pictures of Braxdon with him blanket and hoping to get a pic of Kim with hers)
And the new family lived Happily Forever After! The End (family pic)

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