Thursday, June 28, 2012

Adoption in the Media

So I'm a little addicted to Hulu. I love seeing so many different things and I came across these clips on Adoption.

The Early Show: Adoption Basics
"We could not love our adopted children any more if they were our biological children"

The Early Show: The Truth About Adoptions
Facts VS. Fiction on Adoption

The Early Show: Adoption Advice
Really like this clip, great on open adoption!

The Early Show: 'Open Adoptions' Explored
- Another great pro-adoption clip.

The Early Show: Talking To Adopted Kids

The Early Show: Pregnancy After Adoption
(one of those, stress caused infertility...)Under 10% of woman who adopt, end up pregnant.
"Infertility causes the same level of stress as cancer." Alice Domar, Phychologist.

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