Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Because you NEVER know!

On Friday I blogged about a possible placement, “Clyde”. I was later called by DCFS and asked more about the situation. (it’s long and TMI to share, sorry the joys of Foster Care and confidentiality!) They were leaning towards not placing him with us. Fast forward a few more days. They called and told us they placed him in another home. I was annoyed! Why NOT us? They place kids in kinship (family) all the time! The short version is our acquaintance’s friend’s friend had their child “Clyde” removed and our acquaintance (who knew we do foster care) called and asked if they could request we get this little boy. We said sure. So the Birth Mom requested us, by name, in court! But they decided to place with another family. I was really pissed! Last night as I went to go to sleep, I thought about the post I wanted to write. It was going to go something like this: Sometimes I have to take a deep breath and remind myself that you end up getting the placement you are meant to have. If the child is meant to come into your home, it will happen. If they are not meant to, they will be placed in another home. Sometimes it’s hard for me to remember that. I get to “baby hungry” that all I care about is wanting a little one in my home! The other day I would get worked up about not getting him, I’d just breath and remind myself, “But what if I had the ability to choice which children we got! I would pick this little boy, not knowing that a week from not the baby that we are meant to adopt will come into care!” I really do think that sometimes. It helps! Not trying to say that you should say yes to each call and the ones you are meant to get will come and if you are not meant to get them things will fall through. Still, if you are not comfortable with the situation, then say no! So I moved on… Today our RFC called. We have been working out all the details to get reimbursed for our trip to the UAC. When he called he asked if he could come over to have us sign the paperwork and he needed to talk to us about something. I had 1 ½ hours of panicking! I did NOT see him coming and asking if we were still interested in Clyde. The details are not my story to tell, other then we were once again asked if we wanted Clyde! I was so excited!!! It is interested when you just know that a certain placement is meant to be in your home. It doesn’t always been you will adopt them, they are just meant to be with you for a while. With Chandler, we didn’t really feel too strongly that he was, but didn’t really have a reason to tell DCFS no. So we went with it. But with Clyde, it just feels right! I know he is meant to be in our home for however long! How is it going with 2? CRAZY! To be honest, Emma at 18 months old when we had 2 month Joey was easier! We will adjust, with time, I hope! The worst part was NOT being prepared! I had clothes in the dresser, at least! I had to change the bedding, turn the toddler bed into a crib, get out the bottles, bibs, baby food, diaper bag, and so on! I was a little stressed! LOL I’m anxious to see how/ where the case goes. People always ask me if we are hoping to adopt the child we have. Well, if it comes to adopt we will be thrilled. If the birth mom does what she needs to do and gets him back, we will be thrilled for her! Whatever is meant to be, will be!

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