Friday, April 27, 2012

How do you prepare?

It's easier when you know you are getting a placement. But what about when it's a "possible placement". I personally go stir crazy! I have to do something in case they come. They can not show up and I'm completely un-prepared! LOL. We had a possible placement about a month ago. I switched the nursery from boy bedding to girl bedding, but that was about all I could do. Now, I would need to switch it back to boy.... But, what if I switch it and we don't get him. Then our next actual one is a girl and I have to switch it back?!? Not that it is a big deal, just ironic! What sized clothes do I get out? The biggest question on my mind! Is that weird??? Are they going to be smaller, or bigger, or right on? Do I get out 3-6 month, or will that be too small for them or too big? Ahhhh. For my sanity, I always start with whatever size they normally would be in. I get it out and in the closet and after they arrive if it needs adjusting, so be it! So for now, we wait! I'm anxious. I am baby hungry! As I always say, I don't need to keep the little one forever! I just want another little on in our home for however long!

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Miss Patricia. said...

Thanks for this! I just found your blog. I was a foster child for years--with May (National Foster Care Month) coming up, I'm doing a ten day series on my experiences in foster care. I'd love to have your input!!!

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