Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Greatest Christmas present…

If you have followed my blog then you know how I have thought a LOT about making contact with Emma’s ½ siblings. I have wanted. I have even had dreams about it. I’ve waited. I’ve been scared of rejection and losing the relationship we never had. Sam had told me (like a LOT) that they didn’t want anything to do with us. They didn’t want Ethan and Avery to even know Emma exist. So I’ve sat back and done nothing. I’ve seen them at the store and have wanted so badly to go up and say Hi. But I didn’t want to scare the parents off or have them tell me they don’t want contact.

Well, at the beginning of the month I got a call from a lady saying she got Emma’s name off the Angel Tree. What? I was baffled. How did it get there and how did she get my #? Long story short, Sam had Emma’s name put on there. I thought about it for a brief moment, but then ignored the thought that she might of put Ethan and Avery’s names on there too. Then a few days ago I got a phone call from a guy saying he got Ethan and Avery’s names off the Angel Tree and wanted to know what to get them…. Yeah, like I know! After I hung up and talked to my husband he told me, “THIS is your chance to make contact with the parents! DO IT!”

I’m a perfectionist when it comes to letters. I wrote it up, send it to my husband and asked what he thought. He said it was perfect. I’ve waited this long, I wasn’t going to wait any longer. I sent the message and then went about doing other things. Less then 5 minutes later I got a text from Facebook with a friend request from Ethan and Avery’s adoptive mom! I was so excited I almost cried. Then I got on Facebook and saw she wrote me back.

Just as I suspected for so long….. they too want contact with us!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to know that Emma will get to meet and know her siblings! I spend 18 months with it drilled into my head that they wanted nothing to do with us! So happy they do want a relationship!!


April said...

I'm so glad that you got the response you'd been hoping for! I hope it's the start of a great relationship for all the kids and their families.

*Brittany* said...

My 2 adopted kids have a half-brother out there, his dad has full custody of him and hes just 7 months old, I really want to contact his dad and see about letting our kids meet one day.. they all have the same bio mother.. Im just scared of rejection I guess.. my reasoning for wanting to contact him is so my kids have a connection to their past, a half-brother.. i just dont know what to do!