Saturday, August 27, 2011

Closing an open adoption

After we found out Sam wasn't pregnant and information that came out at that time, we thought about closing our adoption. We thought about it... We had good reasons to do so. Just because we were thinking about it, we still didn't want to cut all ties. We ended up not closing it, but this article just got me thinking today.

It's so sad when I hear of people who close open adoptions for no operant reason. When I was considering it, we had very good reasons... I haven't post a lot of things that happened or things I've read between Sam and Will. Our main concern was Emma's safety. Untimely I felt we could find a healthy balance of openness and safety! It's also a whole different world doing foster care compared to adopting through LDSFS or privately. Not trying to say that the birth parents in foster care are bad people, just completely different situations. Wow, I got side tracked there... Just wanted to share the link on closing an open adoption.

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April said...

Did you post the link? I can't find it.