Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Foster care...

As soon as we found out Sam wasn't pregnant we felt strongly that it was time to do foster care again. I was excited for another placement, but in no rush. My philosophy is, they come when they are meant to!

It has been 3 months. I think I recently said it had been 2, I miscalculated. The other day we were out and I realized I forgot my phone at home, oh well no big deal. After we got home I changed and eventually checked my phone. I had a missed call from our Resource Family Consultant (RFC) and I had a voicemail. I skipped the voicemail and called him back. My favorite words, "We have a placement we were wondering if you are interested in?"

I wrote down the info he gave me, asked questions and handed Brad the info and asked what he thought, we agreed and said yes!

Very shortly there after he arrived. This was the first time ever Brad was home when we got a placement! He said the rush of getting the call and running around getting ready and anticipating their arrival was exciting! It really is!  The number 1 question we're asked (other then his name and age), how long will you have him? We don't know. A few weeks, months, we really don't know. Can it go to adoption? Maybe. But kinship hasn't been ruled out neither has reunification.

Brad and I have agreed that it is so much easier now that we have Emma. We don't feel the pressure of this baby being our one shot of parenthood. It's a fun adventure and we're so excited for it. I also don't feel strongly either way, that he isn't meant to be our or that he is. We'll see as the case progresses.

I've also been asked, would you want to adopt him? Yes! I'll admit, it's crazy with 2 kids and Emma is a little young, but we re-opened our case knowing that. He is an adorable and sweet little guy. He will be called "Joey" on here (not his real name of course).

I'll attempt to keep blogging, but I honestly have no time anymore. Which is okay, because I'm loving it!

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