Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A few first's...

We have experienced a few firsts with Joey's case. It is the first time I've met both birth parents. We get along really well.

But, Joey will be our shortest placement yet! Less than 3 weeks total. We'll miss him, but it's all a part of doing foster care.

I love and treasure each foster care experience I get. However long or short I learn new things and fall in love with foster care all over again.

Between experiences with Sam, the last training class I took, and now experiences with Joey's parents I see birth parents differently. I'll post more on that once we have a computer again! (it's too hard from my phone)

I've also learned I'm not as anxious for #2 as I was before! If it comes along great, but until than I'm fine waiting a little while longer.

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