Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Today was my first, official, Mothers Day. To be honest, I didn't feel special, empowered, honored... It was a pretty regular day at church.

Last night Brad and I went out to dinner, which is always nice without the stinker! Brad gave me my Mothers day gifts, 2 gift cards to a few of my favorite places to eat, just for me!

Sunday: I wasn't all that excited for my first mothers day, like I would be betraying my infertile self if I enjoyed it! I usually dread the talks, which I didn't and I actually loved! The first one was especially good. All 3 mentioned the mother-less. It was nice until Emma got fussy towards the end. I went out in the hall with her. I was still out there when sacrament ended, Brad told me to in because they were handing out the mothers day gifts, I refused to go in. I know, I'm a mom now, but after 6 years of not being one, I still felt that pain. Brad did get me the chocolate and I dropped Emma off at nursery. I taught RS and my lesson went well, which was nice. Picked up Em and she wanted the pen in my hand more than she wanted to see me.

Brad made lunch and dinner, and did the dishes! We both napped while Emma took a nice long nap.

In the past Mothers day was too hard to even call my own mom. Which always resulted badly! One year I was told, "you are my only child who didn't call me! But I guess because your not a mom you didn't really think about it!" Last year (we had Emma, but didn't know it was going to adoption) I got, "I sent everyone a Mothers day card except you, because your not a real mom!" Thankfully I didn't get anything rude this year!

The "real mom"comment reminds me of something that happened the other day... I was putting Emma in her car seat and my neighbors kid came up to me and asked, "Is she your real baby, or fake baby?" Uh, how do you nicely explain adoption to strangers? I was in a hurry and this girl drives me nuts, so I just told her, "She's my real baby!"

All in all, it wasn't a bad day, just didn't hurt but also want special.

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stef said...

thanks for sharing. i think that even if i'm lucky enough to be a mom one day, i'll never celebrate mother's day.