Thursday, February 25, 2010

How to Answer Those Not so Easy Questions

By spayne

We have all been asked a question that is difficult to answer. This could be due to the nature of the question, how it was asked, or our inability to share something that we don't feel obligated to share. I have found this to be a problem I deal with on a quite frequent basis. You see I am a woman in her 30's, married for 11 years and have yet to have children. This is obviously not normal considering the questions I field on a daily basis. I hope that this article will open people's eyes to the world of infertility. Let's not just assume that because a woman does not have children, that she is not trying with everything in her being to do so.
For those of you who are dealing with infertility, I hope you will learn how to answer those not so intelligent questions we are asked each day.

  • First you will want to get prepared. Ask yourself some of the questions you have been asked in the past and practice answering them so you will not be thrown offguard.
  • Then you will want to choose a destination of your choice. This can be any place or event people gather. I find a superstore, local hospital, or a high school football game seems to be where the most curious people hang out.
  • Next you just wait for the question to be asked. (This is the easiest part because you know it's just a matter of time)
  • Okay here it comes, "So you don't have any children yet?" Even though they probably already know the answer, you answer. Now get ready because this is where it gets fun. "So what are you waiting for?" You answer, "Well we just haven't figured out exactly what we need to do yet?" This is where you take control of the conversation and stop this line of questioning. "If you would like to show us how its done, we can make a date." This is sure to either make the person speechless, or move on to another subject.

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