Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How to Get the Private Adoption of a Child Done

I love this article because hubby and I are trying to do a private adoption, call us crazy, I know. My friends aunt did a private adoption and the grand total of ALL of her expenses..... $500! Our former Bishop did a private adoption after they adopted through LDSFS and they said it cost almost the same, but they paid for all of her medical expenses and everything though.

By Edward Vance (article here)

This guide will show the reader how to accomplish the private adoption of a child without an adoption agency.

  • Retain a family law attorney who specializes in the adoption of children. It is crucial to hire an attorney who specializes in family law and adoption.An adoption attorney will be able to put together all of the court required paperwork, motions and orders that will be necessary to get a private adoption accomplished and finalized.You can locate several family law attorneys to interview via your state's bar association, or from a referral from an attorney that you already know.
  • Have an adoption home study prepared.Adoption home studies are required by adoption courts in order to demonstrate that the adoptive parents is a suitable candidate for parenthood.Adoption home studies can be performed by state approved Licensed Clinical Social Workers or professionals with proper credentials.The Department of Human Services for your state can recommend a number of qualified adoption home study professionals. Additionally, your family law attorney, as described above, can help you to find an adoption home study professional.
  • Create an adoption package for presentation to third parties.Write a cover letter and build a family resume to present to prospective birth mothers, expressing your desire to adopt. Include family photos as well as your adoption home study in your "adoption package". Make the package as warm and friendly as possible. List every reason as to why you and your family would be a great choice for the birth mother to consider. Include information about your extended family, if possible. You are wanting the birth mother to know that you and your family will give her child the best life and future possible.
  • Search for a child available for private adoption.Tell everybody that you know that you want to adopt a child. Ask your friends, colleagues and neighbors to help you to spread the word for you.Take a copy of your adoption package to every religious leader in your community, asking them to contact you if any of their worship members should come forward wanting to adopt out a child.Also, take a copy of your adoption package to every family medical clinic and obstetrics and gynecological clinic in your community. Attempt to meet personally with a physician in each clinic, where possible, in order to demonstrate your sincerity and to obtain their professional support.
  • Be patient.It may take months for you to find a birth mother who wants to adopt out her child to you. Additionally, each state has different laws underlying the birth mother's right to rescind her decision, both before the birth and subsequent to the birth. You may have deep disappointment one or more times before "your child" comes to you.If you are committed to being an adoptive parent, do not let setbacks permanently discourage you. Keep faith and continue your search.When "your child" comes to you, your world will change forever... Mine did, and my becoming a father has made my world complete.

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