Saturday, March 5, 2011

What Would You Do?

It has been crazy coincidences that Ben was the spitting image of Brad and now Emma is the spitting image of me. Madison and Isaac didn't look a ton like either of us, but they didn't not look like us. I am not opposed to bi-racial. We have only been asked to take in one (well a sibling group) child of another race. That was the one call we said no to, NOT because of the race, but because it's long and detailed and had nothing to do with the children's race.

I love the ABC show "What Would You Do?"! LOVE it! They just a piece on bi-racial adoptions. I heard mixed reviews about it, but I really liked it. It was presented tactfully and in a respectful manner. I liked how majority of the people sided with the adoptive mom on the issue of their child. The one lady said she personally couldn't do it, but she wasn't against it either. "All a child needs is love". How true!

Just a few weeks ago my husband and I were at Target. We were looking at baby clothes. I saw a (Caucasian) man pushing a shopping cart with 2 African-American children in it. I didn't see the mom so for all I knew, she could of been African-American. As I looked at clothes I saw the cutest dress. I told Brad "Be glad the baby's a boy because if it was a girl I would be buying that!" A (Caucasian) lady near us heard me and laughed! As we walked away the guy with the two African-American children walked up to her and I realized it was his wife/ their adopted kids. I walked away smiling and thinking "Man, I love adoption!"

Things in this world are hard enough. Why do we have to have judgmental and raciest people? I get that bi-racial adoption isn't for everyone, but I would never judge or criticize one of my friends for adopting a bi-racial child!

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