Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Letter

I saw Samantha today. I'm writing up the whole long story, it's coming ASAP I promise. Our parents now know and they were great about it. I literally almost threw up when Brad was telling his mom and I was about to tell my mom (I was actually carrying around the trash can I really did think I was going to!). We got threw it though and it wasn't as horrible as I thought it would be! :)

This is a letter I am in fact sending to Sam:

Samantha, I'm supposed to teach a lesson at church tomorrow. When I saw the topic was on service I thought about all the things I have done, made and given you the past year or so. I want you to know I did not do a single thing just because you were pregnant. Everything I've ever done for you was because I loved and cared about you. I don't get why you did what you did. I really do want you to be happy, healthy and off drugs. I still care about you even though I no longer trust you. I hope you realized what your lying and drug use has destroyed! I love MY daughter very much. I will not tell her bad things about you, but I will also do whatever it takes to protect her. I'm not going to let you hurt her the way you hurt Brad and I. Don't call me & I'm probably not going to visit you, but I'm open to letters. Let me know how you are and what's going on.- Me


O'Melly said...

Good for you. I think it's best that you protect your family, and keep distance, especially if this Sam is a wild-card.

Best wishes to you.

Ashley said...

You're a bigger person than I am

Tami said...

I have followed your blog for awhile, but I am not sure if I have ever posted. I just wanted you to know how brave I think you are. I am sorry that things didn't work out for you, but I think you have handled it with grace a maturity. :) I hope another addition to your family is just around the corner, how ever it comes . :)