Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Closeness in the hurt

I want to be in contact with Emma's biological family. Even though Sam has hurt us to deeply, I still want to be in contact with her family. I made a Facebook account that was Emma's old name with Emma in there cuz I hate then people call her "Jay", but didn't want to put our last name in there. Does that make sense? "Jay Emma old last name". I became friends with Sam's dad,brothers, sister, mom and step mom and also Emma's birth father's brothers girl friend who has Emma's bio-cousin. I told them that even though Sam has hurt us I want Emma to know she is loved by them and I want her to know where he comes from and said I would try to keep current pictures of Emma up for them to see her and know how she's doing.

I found great comfort in this. I'm not sure why exactly. But I'm glad I did it. No worries, I'm not sharing ANY identify info about us or where we live or anything! I am playing this safe. Reading Sam's dad note of "She is so beautiful, thank you from the bottom of my heart!" makes it worth it! Sam's mom has agreed to take Sam's belongings that are still at our house. She asked if she could see Emma while we were there dropping the things off. We told her yes. I have heard horror stories about her lying and being vicious, so I'm sticking to just posting pictures of Emma and what she's up to! We will let her see Em because we will be at her house with Emma, but it's not going to happen much, if ever again.

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