Friday, March 25, 2011


I'll blog about Sam's letter later and my thoughts and feelings on the subject when I feel like getting into them...

The first (and only aside from now) time I was on Glucophage/ Metformin it made me horrible nauseous! I remember it was at Thanksgiving, we were staying at my husband's brothers place. We were playing this really fun game, but after every hand we got up and rotated where we were sitting. All the up and down movement was making the nausea worse! I just remember how horrible it was! Dr. Midwife told me to start it out slow, 1/2 a pill a day for a few days, then 2- 1/2 pills a day, then work my way up to the full dosage of 3 whole pills a day. I felt great for a while on it.

It was also my first time on Progesterone. I've done Provera and Prometrium and they both had the same affect on me. I'm not so sure I've like the Progesterone. It took longer to stop my bleeding, first of all. With the other 2 I had a great "normal" cycle. I'd cramp the first day or two, have a little bit of heavy, but for the most part very normal! Progesterone... I felt like I was going to die! I cramped, BAD and bleed very heavily for 3 to 4 solid days! No light or regular bleeding, just heavy! Then it stopped, Hallelujah. Then it started, cramps and all, again. Then it stopped. I am going to keep taking it for the next 3 months like Dr. Midwife suggested, but if it does this each month I'm going to ask for Provera.

Back to Metformin. I was feeling good, until my cycle started. Cramps make me nauseous and the nausea has not gone away in a week now. I've even been skipping doses trying to subside it, but to no avail it is staying! Seriously, today all I have eaten, because it was the only thing that sounded good, was a sandwich at Great Harvest. Brad has never been there before, but he LOVED the soup he got.

Oh PCOS, how you drive me crazy!

I should mention, I'm not even trying to get pregnant! Nope, doing all of this just to have regular cycles! I mean, if I do get pregnant, YAY, but not doing clomid or anything to help. In fact I told my husband, I'm not going to take ovulation tests because it just stresses me out if I know so we'll just do it and see what happens.


Shans said...

It's a vicious cycle! I'm on progesterone then clomid and I'm not reacting well. I'm a freaking emotional wreck! The things we do to get pregnant that some people fortunately will never understand. So glad I found your fb and blog! I need people that can relate.

MamaSalmon said...

Hi there, i also have PCOS.
ive been on Provera, i never end up sticking to it.
and It caused a miscarriage for me in May 2009 (didnt know i was pregnant, since its not usually a thought for me and took it.)
i havent taken it since and of course im irregular and no pregnancy.

Quackenbaby-CQ said...

I take Provera every other month for my PCOS. I always take a pregnancy test the morning before I start it...just in case. I haven't ovulated in 8 yrs though, so I doubt it would happen now.

When my girls moved in, I was beyond stress and skipped about 4 months of Provera. Then I bled October, November, and December heavy-light-spotting-heavy it was awful!

Finally in January I saw the doctor and he told me to take the Provera, shed the rest of the lining, and then I finally stopped bleeding. It was miserable though!

Hope you're feeling better soon!