Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Starting to bug me less

It seems like my whole blog has been consumed with Sam and flaking lately. Before a month ago Samantha and I talked often, but didn't hang out very much. I don't know what it is, but the past few weeks have been filled with her either flaking out or actually coming over. I don't know if its the facts that A) We live like 5 minutes apart. B) Neither of us have jobs or anything else to do C) Neither of us have any family near by so we're the closest thing to family,

The past two morning she has texted me at 8:45 wanting to come over. Shocking, BOTH mornings now she has come over. Unfortunately, both days she has had to leave within 30 minutes of coming and says, "I'll come right back!" and hasn't. Tonight I invited her over to dinner, told her we're planning on 6, you can come over sooner but we're eating at 6. Dinner wasn't ready at 6, I forgot my visiting teachers were coming at 5:30. We then eat dinner at 6:30 without Sam and without even feeling bad. She texted me around 8 and said she took a nap and just woke up/ slept through dinner. Tonight I realized, her flaking out is really bothering me less and less! Yay for me...

Tomorrow is her "doctor's appointment". I'm getting a little excited, but at the same time NOT getting my hopes up. My husband commented, she is talking about this doctor's appointment a lot more then she ever did in the past with the ones she flaked out on. I noticed that too. Maybe it's a sign. Hopefully, for the baby's sake, we actually go tomorrow. At first I was afraid she lied about the appointment in Jan. because she was uncomfortable with me going, but didn't want to tell me so. I have asked her and told her I don't have to go, she insists that she's fine with me going and wants me to.

We'll see about this Dr's appointment, 14 hours to go...

Have I mentioned... in our small town there is a very limited number of doctor options. It seems like most people go to one of 2 doctors ("Dr. who mis-diagnosed my PCOS" and "Dr. who did diagnosed it"), a few people go to the midwife (I've also seen her and really like her, might return to her when we have insurance) and even fewer go to Dr ("I've sworn I'll never see" because of my BF's horror story!) "Dr. mis-diagnosed" delivered Emma and Sam was going to return to him for baby. I was okay with that, he's a nice guy and all, just not right for me. Well, long story, she's not going to him. Next up was "Dr. who diagnosed's" partner, I was excited to deal with him. My good friend is also going to him. Then she went into premature labor and guess who was on call, "Dr. I'll never go to" and he is now her doctor! I've never met the guy, but I do have 1 friend who goes to him. We'll see how it goes!

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