Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Phone Calls and Freedom

While I was visiting with Sam she mentioned that she didn't have my # memorized so she couldn't call me. As I was leaving I asked the guard if he could give her my phone number. He told me that they're not supposed to pass along messages, but then he said he'd do it!

Sunday while I was at church my phone rang (but was on silent) I saw the number and thought "it's probably Sam." I thought about getting up and going out of the room and taking the call, but Emma was sitting on someone's lap and I didn't want her to freak out if I left the room and all. In between Sunday School and Relief Society I checked my voice mail and all I head was some automated thing, hum it must be a sales thing then...

Monday the same 1-800 # called me again, I ignored it. They called again, I answered it said "You have a collect call from '........' (I couldn't understand her) at the (blank) county jail." My phone went on to explain that I had to set up a prepaid thing on my phone and it was $7.99 just to set it up and I'd have to put more money on the account to take the call. Call me mean, but I can't spare that much right now just to be able to talk to Sam in jail. It sucks, but I hung up. She called again, couldn't understand what she said, I tried setting up an account again but couldn't bring myself to doing it. She called a third time and this time I understand what she said in the short time they gave her to say her name, "Is everything okay?". Okay, how am I supposed to answer. She called yet again, "Is everything okay?". After that time I said (out loud) "Stop calling me, I can't answer the call!" And yet she called again, "just say yes or no". So I said Yes, but have no idea if she could hear me.

Today, my husband has off and he lets me sleep in on days he has off. So I was still in bed and Sam called her message "I get out today!" Can you say YAY!?!?!

She later called (from a real phone where we could talk) to see if I could come get her, Of course! I went and picked her up, Emma was still napping so I left her at home with daddy.

Saturday when I was talking to her I was half way through telling her about how Brad and I were joking at I'll get pregnant before baby's arrive and Brad said we wouldn't take the baby. BUT, the guard came in to kick me out before I could finish and tell her A) I will probably NOT get pregnancy before the baby comes, if ever. and B) I've convinced Brad that if I do in fact get pregnant we're just meant to have this 2 kids this close together. As soon as she got into the car she told me she needed to ask me something that she's been worried about since we talked and the reason why she kept calling me yesterday. "Do you still want the baby? Are you going to change your mind?" I literally laughed, "NO. I am counting down the days until he comes! I have a bag already packed for him filled with blankets and clothes to take to the hospital!" She then told me if I had pressed 5 on my phone it would give me 1 free minute to talk! Dang. Now I know for next time she's in jail. LOL.

I keep saying "Less then a month! The baby will be here in LESS then a month!!!!" Ekkkkk. I'm so excited!

Today I also started working on Emma's Life Book. I'm excited to have it put together for her! I also was able to make 2 more pages for Sam's "Brag Book" I'm giving her for her birthday. I did Emma's 14-month-old page and Valentines Day.

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