Saturday, February 12, 2011

Oh the sea...

My husband and I made a decision not long after Emma was placed in our home. We recently moved and when we attended our first Sunday at church, it just didn't feel like where we were meant to be. Brad's 2 co-workers talked us into going to their ward that is a "young married ward". We liked it and decided to transfer our records there.

Now, I love the ward, the stake and the people. But did I mention it's newlyweds and we're in Utah... you do the math. Everyone's pregnant! Most of the time it doesn't bother me. Some announcements sting. Other times I could care less.

Friday night was the Stake Valentines Day Dance. I texted with Sam before the dance and there a few emotional texts. Both of us expressing how excited we are for Payson's arrival. We dropped Emma off at the nursery to be baby-sat and we went in. No exacturating, 4/5 of the woman were pregnant! As much as I love Emma and as excited as I am for Payson, I look at those pregnant bellies and wonder, "Will it ever be me?"

We were sitting at a table with our friends, the same ones who convinced us to go to that ward to begin with. One of them is now pregnant, I was sitting next to the not-pregnant one. Someone else came over to sit with us and of course she was pregnant. My friend whispered to me, "Oh great! Another pregnant woman." I told her that I wonder if I will ever get that, she responded, "Me too." She hasn't struggled with infertility, but still had the same feelings I did about the sea of pregnant woman!

Sometimes I hate it. Hopefully today I will get to see one pregnant belly I don't envy, cuz MY boy is inside!!!!

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