Sunday, February 13, 2011

No news is good news?

Today Sam didn't respond to my texts. Is she mad about yesterday? Wait, what does she have to be mad about? Does she think I'm mad so she doesn't want to talk to me?

This is the first day in a month that we have not talked and she hasn't been in jail. Not just that, 99% of the time, she texts me first.

Less then 3 weeks until her currently scheduled C-Section. I say "currently" because when she went into premature labor that's that date they set. She hasn't seen the doctor since then, but has an appointment this week, or so she is telling me. I asked her if March 4th was 100% for sure and she said yes. Then the other day when she told me about her Dr.'s appointment she said, "hopefully we'll get a set c-section date and it will be soon!" I have stopped caring at this point.

Yesterday (saturday) I did get to see her for a few minutes, because she needed my help. She was able to see and hold Emma. She hasn't held Em in over a month. Everytime I try to talk about serious things about the baby or legal things she always tells me, "we'll talk in person on", but then she flakes out on the visit so it never happens. But, I was able to talk to her about one issue that was on my mind. "Once baby is born, do you want me to stay with you or go with him?" She told me that she needs me next to her during the C-Sec and she needs to see baby and know he's okay, but then she wants me to go with him. Okay, good to know!

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