Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Samantha!

Why oh why does it seem like every holiday or special occasion that I want to see or be with Sam she's in jail? Yes, the life of the foster-adopt mom with an open adoption... I guess that just means to you all get to see her present before she does! (she's scheduled to get out around the 18th. I'm going to write her and probably see her tomorrow!)

A few months ago I got this great idea to make a "brag book". I love to digital scrapbook, but it can be expensive to print out all the pages. When I make a page for Emma I add a digital copy to Sam's CD of pictures I put together every few months. But, I loved this idea. I found some (free) brag book pages online, went through and found pictures of Emma from each month and 'first', like first tooth, first day with us, standing, walking, Halloween, Birthday and all that jazz. It was so easy and since I had them printed as a regular picture 4x6 (and at Costco) they were way cheap! There was 32 pages all together, but the beauty of it is I can mail her more pages (like I'm making one for Valentines Day) and she can just add them to the photo album! I also touched up a picture I recent took of Emma and Samantha and printed off a 5x7, still need to put it in a frame, but I love how it turned out!
4 of 32 pages


Mary said...

What a great gift!

Duchess said...

What a great idea. I'm stealing this. How is it that I've never visited your blog before? You need to "share" a post now and then on facebook. I'm so overwhelmed with info that I swear I don't see 1/3 of it. (my feed reader has well over 1000 unread posts.) Anyway, love your blog! If I haven't all ready added it to my sidebar, (I've allowed myself to neglect my adoption blog for a while) I will.