Friday, January 22, 2010

questions you should ask adoption agency

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Often times people contact us for recommendations, or questions of what to ask. Here are a few questions you should ask.

How do you screen your expectant moms?
Where do they get counseling?
Do you represent us or the expectant mom?
Would we need to retain a second attorney?
When you offer a situation, what kind of information do you offer up front so we can make the best informed decision? Proof of pregnancy? Release of medical information?
How do you feel about open adoption?
How do you explain it to expectant mom?
Do you have us sign a post adoption agreement?
Do you work with a specific hospital?
Do we need an agency?
Who works with expectant mom after delivery?
Are you available 24/7 for expectant mom?
Who handles ICPC?
How do you work with expectant dad?
How many adoptions have you handled this year?
How many successful placements?
How many other clients are waiting for a match?
How many clients are waiting for a rematch?

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