Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ups and Downs

This week has been a rollercoaster. Ha, when is infertility and adoption NOT a rollercoaster? On my previous post I said we had inquired about a little boy we saw on the R House's blog. All day Tuesday was spent trying to get a hold of his caseworker and finding out what we needed to do. I got is caseworkers #, called, no answer, left a message. Waited, waited and waited. I check my e-mail and I had gotten an e-mail from the agency giving me the caseworkers info, including her e-mail address. So I e-mailed her. I got a response instantly saying she was no longer the one in charge of his adoption and to call "M". By this time it's 4:45, I know thier office will be closing at 5 and I would not hear from them that day. I called and left a message. Late Tuesday night I was again looking at his profile, I clicked on the link to look at his profile on "Wednesday's Child", it said it was no longer avaliable. I was cruched, we had lost our chance all because no one would return my calls!

Wednesday morning I called "M" again and left a message. I called our caseworker, who also would NOT return my calls. For over a month we have been waiting to meet with RAC, Regional Adoption Committee. Until we meet with them we can not get a placement and are not approved to adopt. Wednesday afternoon, finally M called me back and asked if I had faxed our homestudy to the first caseworker I had talked to. No, no one told me that! I began making more phone calls, leaving more messages and then had to head over to my friends to watch her little boy. Once I got home I had 1 hour until their offices would be closing. I decided after over a month of no returned called I would go to our caseworkers office and talk to them face to face! I get there and he's not there. I talked to the lady above him, who I have also talked to, telling her our situation. She informs me that they can NOT fax our homestudy until we meet with RAC! Are you kidding me? She went ahead and scheduled us an appointment with RAC for Aug. 24th and said our worker had to come visit us before then and once we meet with them she will fax our homestudy to Idaho. Okay, do you honestly think that a healthy, cacausion, under 2 year old boy is still going to be sitting around looking for a home in 3 weeks? NO. Oh well, we faced the fact that we would not be getting him, but were excited to finally have an appontment with RAC!

Thursday afternoon, our caseworker called me back for the first time EVER! He said we could meet with RAC on Aug. 10th, 4 days away! I asked about the home visit and he decided to come right over! Hubby happened to be home on his lunch break and Monday just happens to be his day off! Yay! We're so excited!!!! We could have a little one as early as Monday at 4:00!!!!

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