Saturday, August 8, 2009


I was looking at another infertility blog and just loved her post on scams and wanted to share my experiences- Feigning Fertility

I feel like we were almost scammed a few months ago. I got an e-mail from a girl via Facebook.
I'll re-do this post and go into more details...

She contacted me via Facebook message and asked if we were still looking to adopt. Yes! She said she was pregnant and still thinking about adoption, but wasn't sure if she was gonna place. I asked her if she knew the sex of the baby, "Yes a boy and a girl!" My heart raced, wow, twins would be amazing. I told her about how my cousin has twins, also a boy and girl. She asked if we could financially handle twins, yes. I asked when she was due "any time now". I told my husband about it and we were still iffy about it, but hopeful. She lived in Israel. Hubby talked about how since I don't have a passport and wouldn't have time to get one he would go get the twins, and maybe his parents could go with him. I laughed at the idea of him caring for newborn twins solo even for a few days! He told my best friend about it. She was so excited she started planning a baby shower, her excitement got me excited. I called our caseworker at LDSFS to see what we needed to do because it was international.

As we kept in touch I always looked at her Facebook status and it always had something to do with going to a party, going our dancing or something like that. What kind of a person who is 7 to 8 months pregnant with twins would be out dancing? She had NO pictures of her or her pregnant self. I knew we were not going to be adopting these twins. Finally she e-mailed me and said she was keeping them. It was a few weeks before they were due, I kept in eye on her FB status and she never mentioned having babies, being tired or anything of that sort! I finally deleted her as a friend and knew there was no way she was pregnant!
(this is her profile in case she ever contacts any of you)

Right now we are again in contact with a girl who is pregnant. I'm not sure about it. I've seen pictures of her, of her pregnant belly and on FB she talks a lot about being pregnant and her friends ask who the pregnancy is going. I asked her who old she was and when she was due and she won't answer. That makes me nervous! I'm not sure what to think. She says she's engaged to the dad, but not sure they can give the baby what it needs. Additional Notes- I found her and contacted her first. The other girl and the next guy all contacted ME first. She has been really open with me except for her age and due date. Yesterday we even texted back and forth for a little while. It's all wait and see and I'm trying not to get my hopes up. After we texted all communication with her has stopped. I don't know what happened. (Here's her FB as well, let me know if anyone has been in contact with any of these people)

I have now heard of 2 other people, along with myself that have gotten an e-mail from the father in Belgium. THIS IS A SCAM! This is what my e-mail read-

my name is kelly amber from belgium. saw your profile. i am 18 years old and my girlfriend is much younger. she got pegenant and because we are God fearing people we decided not to put away the baby, but bless a family with it. we want a family who will teach this baby the right morals of life and let him know about God. we are giving away this baby because we dont consider ourself fit to take care of him we are still too young and we want to further our studies. this baby will be born in 2 months. can you please get back to us . my email adress is

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Que and Brittany are Adopting! said...

How are they finding you? Is it through Parent Profiles?