Thursday, August 20, 2009


I need to vent and I'm trying my hardest NOT to hurt any feelings, but I need this right now! Yesterday I accept, and rather well, that I was in deed NOT expecting. I guess after 5 YEARS of negatives you become numb to them.

While I was on Facebook I was looking at a former co-workers FB, since we just became friends. I noticed that one of my friends' friends is related to her, small world, and oh she's pregnant? I didn't think too much about it, oh good for them, I'll jump over to their blog and read about it. Yeah, BAD idea! Now I'm really trying hard here because it is one of my closest friends' friends and all. She said they started trying oh less then 6 months ago, had MANY negative pregnancy test, MANY tears were shed and how hard it was when you hear someone else is pregnant. (I'm really not trying to diminish her trial in trying to get pregnant) She talked about the day they found out and how she cried and cried because everyone else was announcing they were expecting and after 5 long months she was not! Op, then she found out she was! Are you kidding me? I've been trying for 5 very, very long YEARS. I would kill for 5 months! Do people know that an average woman has a 20 to 25% chance of getting pregnant each month? That means that means it could take oh, 5 months! Really? How do people find it appropriate to complain that it took 5 to 6 months? I don't get this! At least typing this and venting has stopped the tears! More driving around town crying at 5 AM, yeah that might help. Sorry person if you read this or my sweet friend who too struggles with infertility, I don't mean to offend, but REALLY?

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Anonymous said...

Unless you know someone with infert or have it yourself MOST normal women have NO idea. I am so sorry!