Tuesday, August 4, 2009

not sure...

I've been holding off posting about it, but I've mentioned it on facebook and so here it is- About a month ago I was contacted by a birth mom. It hasn't been the first time and I knew there are and were a LOT of if- She still isn't sure IF she is going to place it up for adoption... After our first initial contact I haven't heard back from her and didn't want to push her away by bugging her. I noticed on her Facebook account that she had joined and written to a gay couple looking to adopt. I decided to write her again asking if she was still considering adoption and was interested in us. She responded that she wasn't sure, she was trying to decided what was best for the baby and she would look at our blog. She sent me another message, I told Brad to pause the movie he was watching and come read it.

This is what she said
"dawn! oh man I looked at the blog! yall are wonderful! man! the letter to birth parents is amazing . I sent it to all my friends. I loved it, yall. just look'n at it makes me feel like kinda good if i pick yall.its amazin.i love yall !yall are 2 wonderful people and will make wonderful parents. i mean i have looked at alot of things but yalls is the one that really stands out. that letter is the best thing in the world. i love that songs.my wish. man that is a good song. i listen to that all the time and it makes me think about the baby:]"

It is torture reading it. I can't help but get my hopes up and get excited. At the same time I have to remind myself she hasn't decided if she is even going to place it for adoption or if she is going to pick us!


Anonymous said...

How you can not get a little excited over that! I am praying so hard for you!!!!

Que and Brittany are Adopting! said...

Wow, that's hard! I hope she writes you again!