Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pass Along Card

I decided to try and design us a pass along card. I love the results!!

I had another Dr.s appointment today. It was a good visit, but afterwards things took a turn I didn't see. The appointment was at 8am, afterwards Brad and I went back to bed. While I was sleeping my phone rang and I let it go to voice mail. It was the doctor's office saying I have x amount of a balance and x amount for today, my ultrasound to check on the eggs is in 9 days (day 12) and they will NOT see me until I pay part of balance and ALL of today's visit! Are you kidding me? Last time I went in I explained we can pay x amount a month and work on our balance, they said that was NO problem. Now they are refusing to see me! There is NO way we can come up with enough in 9 days. Brad and I talked about it and decided we've already gotten this far with it all, we're going to keep going even if it means NOT getting the ultrasound to check on my egg. I'm already on day 3 and we have the money for Clomid for day 5, (100mg) so I'm going to take it and do "it" like rabbits and just maybe we'll get lucky? Hum, we'll see. I'd love to do the ultrasound and the shot to release the egg, but WHY does fertility have to cost so much dang money? Money we obviously don't have! Grrrrrrr! Dr. Amazing sounds so optimistic and hopefully for us and now we have to put this all on hold because of MONEY!


Savannah said...

The cards are way cute.

Sorry about the hang up. I totally can relate to the money thing. That's why I was so grateful that our infertility was quick to explain and when their is no sperm in your marriage there's not much of a point doing Clomid and all that fun stuff.

I know if we had more money we could be with a better agency and maybe we would be parents by now. But we can't afford it so we keep truckin' along with the one we have. I really like them, but our chances are smaller with them.

Que and Brittany are Adopting! said...

I love your cards! Please mail me some and I would love to give them out!

JnA said...

Money is definitely the biggest letdown when it comes to anything involving pregnancy or fertility or adoption :(

I hope everything works out for you guys!!