Tuesday, July 28, 2009

a new book

The other day my friend and I were on our way to Wal- Mart and she said she wanted to go to Deseret Book. I LOVE that store. I found a few things that looked good and were cheap and then found a book I couldn't pass up. Unsung Lullaby, by Josi Kilpack-on sale for $5.99! Let's see, I'm on page 5 and I've already cried!

I finished it and LOVED it! Although a little predictable I highly recommend it!

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Savannah said...

That is an awesome book! You also need to buy "My Not so Fairy Tale Life." Unsung Lullaby does the infertility side, where as this other book does the birth mother side. Another great infertility book is "Fertile in our Faith." It's not a story, but a book about dealing with infertility and the pain associated with it. It is awesome!