Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Hubby and I had a pretty entertaining visit with our home teacher tonight. Yes, we are a little new to the ward, been here 8 months now. We have had the same guy as our HT ever since we moved here. After a few months the questions of "Are you newly weds?" No "Why don't you have kids?" stopped. We have talked in sacrament meeting and I have mention all the usual can't have kids, trying to adopt, trying infertility jazz so many times. While HT was here he said his wife is going to be induced tomorrow. Turns out she has the same doctor as me. Okay in this town you have 4 choices- Midwife (my first doctor): great, but not when it comes to infertility. Dr. D (#2): great at first, then you find out he's not as good as Dr. Amazing (#3 and current Dr.) and there is also Dr. I will NEVER see. We are talking about Dr. Amazing and HT asks, "Are you guys thinking about having a baby?" We were rolling on the floor laughing! "Yep, we've been thinking about it for 5 1/2 years!" Oh my. It is now Hub and I's little joke. We just talk around asking each other "Are you thinking about having a baby?" or we are doing something else like in the middle of playing monopoly deal "Are we thinking about playing a game?" No offence to HT, he's a nice guy and I get along great with his wife, it was just so funny!

I almost forgot... One of my cousin's stopped by on Saturday to say hi. They live in Vegas and were visiting up here. A little background on my cousin- he and his wife tried for 10 years and I believe 3 IVF cycles, they finally had twins! Boy and girl are now almost 7, I can't believe it! Well, while visiting, boy asks "Why don't you have kids yet?" Again, I was laughing so hard! I wanted to tell him, cuz we're like your mom and dad and I will be dang happy if I can have twins in 5 years! Oh the irony of being ask why I don't have kids by a little boy that took 10 years to conceive!!!!

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Que and Brittany are Adopting! said...

LOL! Oh, how I did not like those comments. Once a guy from our ward came over and said "So you're still trying to adopt?" [at that time we had only been approved for about 4 months] I said yes and he said "Have you ever thought about surrogacy? Cause you know, then it will be yours." Ugh.... ignorance is NOT bliss. Hahahaha