Tuesday, July 14, 2009


This is part of the post I put on my personal blog-

It has been a year of lots of ups and down. Yes, we are still planning on doing foster care. However, we would be over joyed if we could find a way to raise the money to adopt. I've fianlly decided that this money is going to raise it self and I need to do something about it! After looking at more blog and ideas I found a fundraiser that I would like to do!

Baby Bottle Campaign - Buy bottles in bulk (or get used ones donated) and design a paper flyer to go in each bottle telling about your adoption. Then distribute them to friends, family, businesses, churches, schools, daycares - whoever is willing to put their spare change in the baby bottle. Give them one month to see if they can fill the bottle and then collect them. One crisis pregnancy center that does this averages $20-25 per bottle so this idea can really add up! It's also a great way to get kids involved.

The other idea I like is selling candy bars-

Buy any kind of candy and make a wrapper to go over it that says "support adoption" and sell them.

- I'm going to start putting together some bottles and get them all ready to start fundraising! If ayone one knows of any other great fundraisers or wants to help us with this one let me know!!!

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Savannah said...

We just did a yard sale and made about $350. I am also going to try and sell my collector Barbie dolls on-line. I know I've heard more ideas, but I can't think of them now. I will let you know as I come up with them.